The most interesting glimpses of Naples

A girl on the balcony facing Spaccanapoli

ne of the most beautiful things about Naples is its ability to give beauty at every corner. This is what makes it a fascinating city full of breathtaking views. In this guide, we will take you on an exciting tour of the historic center of Naples, to discover the most evocative views. We will explore unmissable stages for an experience of scenic beauty. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magnificence of Naples and capture views that will leave you breathless.

Start the day with an energizing breakfast at the Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel. Enjoy a delicious cappuccino and taste the typical sweet specialties of Naples, such as the babà or the sfogliatella. We’ll give you the first glimpse. Look out from one of our balconies and admire the beating heart of the city: its historic center. Musicians, workshops, artists. The life that populates these streets offers colors and sounds from early morning. Or relax on the hotel’s panoramic terrace and enjoy the view over the city, preparing yourself for a day full of emotions and enchanting panoramas.


Once on the street you will be spoiled for choice. Our advice is to start from Posillipo, a neighborhood famous for its breathtaking views of the Gulf of Naples. Stroll along the scenic road and admire the beauty of the sea, cliffs and historic villas that dot the landscape. Stop at the Virgiliano Park to enjoy an even more spectacular view and take unforgettable photos.


After a morning immersed in the natural beauty, enjoy a light lunch at a characteristic restaurant in the historic center. Choose a place that offers a panoramic terrace or a view of the suggestive alleys of the center.


In the afternoon continue the tour by exploring the Quartieri Spagnoli, one of the most characteristic places in Naples. Lose yourself in the picturesque streets and admire the flower-filled balconies and colorful facades of the buildings. Stop at the famous murals such as the one dedicated to Maradona or continue to the San Gennaro di Forcella or the Banksy in Piazza Gerolomini. Let yourself be carried away by the authentic atmosphere of these neighborhoods and immerse yourself in the daily Neapolitan life.


For an unforgettable evening, head to the Naples waterfront along Via Caracciolo. Stroll along the sea, admiring the impressive views of the Gulf, Vesuvius and the islands of Capri and Ischia. Choose one of the waterfront restaurants for a romantic dinner overlooking the sea, savoring local delicacies and regional wines. This will be the perfect time to relax and appreciate the beauty of the city at night.


To round off your tour, enjoy the starry sky surrounding Vesuvius from our panoramic terrace. Here you can enjoy an evening of relaxation and conviviality. Enjoy the refined atmosphere of the hotel and let yourself be pampered in the Neapolitan dolce vita.

Live your adventure in Naples, choose the perfect room to discover the city and everything it has to offer. We will be happy to welcome you.