A day in the art of Naples

Two guest leaving the transfer. In the background the San Domenico Maggiore

aples, a city rich in history and ancient art. In this guide, we will take you on a fascinating tour of its center, discovering the most important and renowned artistic, historical, and cultural attractions. We will explore must-see stops, guaranteeing a complete cultural experience. Immerse yourself in art and history, admiring masterpieces that will leave you amazed. Your artistic experience begins from the moment you wake up, with breakfast at Santa Chiara. Choose what you prefer from the wide selection of our specialties. You can enjoy the first meal of the day among the wonders of Neapolitan antiquities finely restored in our suites with breakfast in-room. Alternatively, you can admire exhibitions of contemporary artists in our breakfast room. Or, you can choose to feast your eyes on natural beauty while sipping coffee on our panoramic terrace.

Next, dive into the world of art by visiting the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Here, you can admire an extraordinary collection of archaeological artifacts, including the famous marble statues from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Take a stroll in the museum’s garden, where you’ll find ancient mosaics and well-preserved frescoes. This experience will allow you to discover the rich history of ancient Naples and the cities buried by the eruption of Vesuvius.

Immagine del cortile interno del Museo Archeologico di Napoli
Immagine di un dipinto della cappella del tesoro di San Gennaro

Continue the artistic tour by visiting the Naples Cathedral, one of the main attractions of the city. Admire the imposing facade and the richly decorated interior, which houses the Chapel and the Treasury of San Gennaro. Don’t miss the opportunity to climb the terrace of the Cathedral to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Naples. This sacred and historical place will immerse you completely in the art and culture of Naples.


After a quick, yet flavorful lunch, you can head to the magnificent Capodimonte Museum, an unmissable stop for art and history lovers. Located in a majestic palace surrounded by a lush park, the museum houses an extraordinary collection of artworks, including masterpieces by Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian, and many other masters. Explore the frescoed rooms, admire the precious ceramics, and be amazed by the extraordinary paintings. The unique atmosphere of the museum will transport you on a journey through the centuries, offering a privileged view of Italian art.

If you prefer contemporary art, don’t miss the Madre Museum. With its eclectic collection and innovative temporary exhibitions, Madre offers a unique experience in the heart of the city. Admire extraordinary works by Italian and international artists, immerse yourself in artistic provocations, and discover new cultural horizons. The spacious exhibition halls and dynamic programming make every visit an exciting adventure. Embrace contemporary art in a space that embodies the creative soul of Naples. To conclude the visit in style, don’t miss a relaxing aperitif at its bistro.

For an unforgettable evening, you cannot miss one of the performances at the Teatro San Carlo, one of the oldest and most prestigious opera houses in Europe. Be enchanted by the magic of opera or dance, as the elegant atmosphere and perfect acoustics will make this experience unique, giving you an evening of pure artistic beauty.

If all this is not enough and you seek more, you are in the right city and hotel.

At Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel, our staff will make your stay in Naples unforgettable. We are ready to help you book or organize any artistic visit or cultural event you desire. Whether you want to explore the magnificent museums of Naples or attend theatrical performances, concerts, or special events, we are at your disposal. With our knowledge of the city and our passion for art and culture, we will make your stay with us an extraordinary experience.”

Live your adventure in Naples, choose the perfect room to discover the city and everything it has to offer. We will be happy to welcome you.